Spring Clean Up

Installation: Flower beds need 8 to 12 inches of good quality soil. Livin’ Green can install new beds or reshape your existing beds. We recommend amending your soil with organic matter. Organic matter allows the soil to hold nutrients and water.

Mulch: Mulching keeps weeds down, keeps soil warm, and keeps the soil from drying out.

Feeding: Plants need food to grow. Container plants have a limited amount of space and soil and require regular feeding.

Water: We recommend watering as soon as possible after installation. The amount of water needed will depend upon the plant variety and its location. Generally container plants will need to be watered more often then bedding plants

Fall Clean Up

Autumn dropping of leaves is part of the normal life cycle of many plants. To prevent turf stress and plant diease, we recommend routinely removing or mulching leaves that have fallen. Leaves are blown into yard and mulched into minute particles, which break down and return nutrients to the soil. This reduces the need for raking, bagging and diposing of leaves. Thick leaves must be disposed of in your woods, a compost pile, or vacuumed by your municipality or by Livin’ Green. We value your opinion, so in the fall return your leaf questionnaire telling us how you want to handle your leaves.

Why should Livin Green pick up your leaves?

– Leaf removal gives your grass room to breathe
– Prevents turf stress and disease
– Enhances the landscape’s appearance

Snow Removal

Livin’ Green provides commercial snow and ice removal upon receiving 2-3″ of snow or when travel conditions are hazardous. We will provide the best treatment for your property based on current conditions, our private weather forecaster, and our own DTN weather satellite. Weather conditions in our area change quickly and we are ready to provide your snow and ice control.


-Keeps tenants happy
-Minimizes your slip and fall liability
-You can get to work